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Econet Wireless Zimbabwe Limited is Zimbabwe's largest provider of telecommunications services, providing total communications solutions in mobile and fixed wireless telephony, public payphones, internet access and payment solutions. The first official call on the Econet network went through on the 10th of July 1998. By the end of the first year, Econet was serving 10 000 customers. Today, millions of Zimbabweans call Econet home.

To fulfill our vision, which is to provide telecommunications to all the people of our country, Econet continues to invest substantially into expanding our network and extending our geographical reach, which is already the most extensive in the country. Through this investment, Econet has maintained a commanding share of the Zimbabwe telecoms market.

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Telephone: 2639885058-60 Fax: 263976183 Mobile: 263912222157
Email: mushore@econet.co.zw
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Branch: Bulawayo Econet Customer Service Centre
Physical Address: 79 Robert Mugabe Way,Bulawayo
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Postal Address: 79 Robert Mugabe Way,Bulawayo
Telephone: (263 9)885058-60/62 Mobile: 263 772 222 506


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